Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3yr old logic

My 3 yr old is currently screaming in his room.

He wants me to pick out his clothes. I did. He doesn't like them.

But, he still is screaming for me to pick out his clothes.

Apparently I am to clairvoyantly pick out the clothes that he wants with no help or input from him.

But, he is allowed to throw a tantrum if I dont guess right.

And if I shut my door so I don't have to listen to his screams while I feed the baby, he will run over, open my door and run back to his room to scream some more.

Hurray for parenting 3 year olds.


Aunty Lissa said...

So what was the final answer? What did he want to wear after all of that?

Squishy Burrito said...

No joking. When I went in to deal with the meltdown he ended up deciding to wear the outfit I picked out for him.