Friday, June 26, 2009

Ice and a Positive Attitude

We have never had good ice in our freezer. It tasted bad and couldn't be used in any drink, flavored or not. Over the last few months we've noticed a significant decrease in our fridge's ability to keep things cold. I tried everything I could think of to avoid calling a repair man but alas on Monday I broke down and called a guy to come make my milk cold.

He came. He fixed. He didn't charge us an arm and a leg and magically we have ice that doesn't taste horrible. Its the best bonus EVER. Now instead of leaving glasses of water all over the house half drunk I can leave half glasses of ice water all over the house half drunk.


Lster has a morning problem. He likes them. No matter what time I put him to bed he wakes up anywhere between 5:15 and 5:45AM. The other day he didn't come get me till 5:50 and I thought I was in heaven. Now most people know that I usually put my kids to bed early. Really early. They don't feel like I should complain because if I put them to bed when every other kid in the world sleeps they wouldn't wake up with the sun. I've tested it and it doesn't work. We arrived after 8 hours of driving (and Lster waking up at 5:30AM) at our friends house at 9pm. the kids didn't get to bed till past 10pm and he was still up before 6AM. He hadn't even napped in the car. Then that whole week he went to bed later than normal and every morning he was up bright and early ready to start his day (and mine). And if something fun is happening we prolong bedtime only to find he wakes up early the next morning and is grumpy all day.

This is slightly frustrating. This morning my kids were both up and yelling and crying and slamming doors at 5:40AM. I'm really trying to find a way to have a good attitude today. Its already been a long morning.

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Tara said...

Oh man, I feel for ya...only mine are up by 6:30am. That's sleepin' in to you, huh? There are some mornings I think I'm gonna DIE!! Nicole's really helpful sometimes and I can sleep (ok, listen to the fighting) a little longer.
Good luck my friend!!