Monday, June 29, 2009

Deals of the Week!

This was a big deals of the week.

My tip of the week is that you don't have to get the sunday newspaper to get deals. I got all my powerade coupons and haagan daas coupons from 7-11. They just had them on the fridge door. I still have 16 haagan daas coupons left to get free ice cream and I think at least another 4 coupons for powerade to get them at that price. You just don't buy those products at 7-11. Go to your grocery store do use them as they are cheaper there.

11 deoderants (I'm done getting deoderant now. They do expire)
9 Haagan Daas Ice Cream Cups
15 boxes of pop tarts
2 boxes of Fruit Loops (the kids eat them as snack at church)
2 dove face bars
4 gold bond powder

Good Deal:
8 boxes of Fruit Loops - .50$
25+ bottles of Powerade - .30$
Hand Soap - .20$
6 Purex Detergent - $1
Ragu - .35$ (sorry Cheetah, we're not all authentic :) )

And I'm at a loss for the rest of my purchases. I will say that the lady behind me at Safeway today told me I was her hero. I'm glad she's setting the bar high. Although my bill did come to 65$ and I paid $3.55

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CValentine said...

I've gotta check out 7-11, but it's annoying to get there and I will be so disappointed if I get nothing out of it.