Sunday, November 02, 2008

Teaching Social Skills

Me: what are you going to have for lunch today?
Mster well, maybe we could have peanut butter and jelly. It could be peanut butter and jelly and candy.
Me: how about peanut butter and jelly and boogers?
Mster: well I like boogers but I don't like jelly so how about peanut butter and boogers?
Me: you know you aren't supposed to actually eat boogers.
Mster: I didn't know that? Not ever, ever?
Me: no not ever.
Mster: huh.


cheetah said...

I've missed a lot.
1)kids are growing
2) Superman and pumpkin are so cute.
3) TV is a great way to calm kids down, except when they want it at 3am and you are ready to throw TV down the stairs. Sorry it's been hard.
4) my princess is calling got to go.

Sarah said...

That was very, very funny.