Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I love verification words and I sure love moboodis. My boodies like so boodilicious.

Sorry Mav that's all I could come with.

Sickness and pain is jumping from body to body and has left the kids and moved to the adults but I already had something 2 weeks ago that I'm still dealing with residuals so I don't think its fair that round 2 hit. There should be sick rules. 2 weeks after sickness you should be able to run from a house 3 doors down without hacking up a lung for 2 minutes.

Cster's making 5 pies tonight. I think right now he may be thinking he chose to make 5 pies too many. :) Of course they will be delicious and come tomorrow afternoon we will all be grovelling at his feet for his amazing feat. And I'm really really craving stuffing and I can't wait any longer. HURRY UP tomorrow.

I've finished 3 baby shower gifts to be sold tomorrow. I will take pictures when there's more light. All I can say is I've solved the unisex problem. I am a genius. I will never make a yellow or green something something again. (unless of course someone really really wants it). I love doing baby shower gifts. People need to have more babies so people will ask me to make more stuff for them. HURRY UP people.

Our good friend was here last night stopping over on his way out west to live and be far away from us. I like friends who you wish you could see all the time but even if you don't you can just pick up where you left off and play wii tennis all night long or at least until 8:30 if your me and lame and can't stay up late. And if he's reading this you left really early. Like 4:20AM really early. Did the mice keep you up?

And I'm thankful for lots of things which I may or may not say in a post tomorrow depending on how the whole day goes since I won't be home.

And I'm really mad at mean shoppers. I WAS IN LINE FIRST. My daughter (who is 4) may be small but it still counts if she's standing in line while I run off to get my son who thinks playing hide and seek in the fabric aisle is the coolest. Now I have to wait until your done (buying the entire fabric department) with 2 kids at the checkout counter full of grabable items because you budded. Grr...

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Anonymous said...

matoonl...(verifiation word)

Thanks for having me. It was really fun to spend the evening with you guys. Too bad I didn't bring the rest of my family! Next time. I was too excited to get home so I couldn't sleep and figured that if I couldn't sleep in a bed I would probably stay awake while driving, so I left. I didn't surprise any mice though!