Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Fight Against "The Man"

I have recently come to the conclusion that "the Man" may not be looking out for my best interests. Gasp! Shock! What??? you say. No, it's true. All my life I've believed that everybody is innately good and that goodness would prevail. Perhaps this comes from my Socialist background. The right thing should and will happen. But lately, I'm not so sure about "the Man".

First off who is "the Man"

1. BCIS and DHS (also known as the Immigration People)
When making a pact with my good friend to find each other mates from our perspective countries I never realized the amount of forms and beauraucracy in marrying those that are not your kind.

Here is how this "the Man" is not looking out for us. We had to live in my socialist state for a year while "the Man" slowly processed my visa. Please note that I am still waiting for that initial visa I applied for over 2 years ago*. And everytime I travel home to visit my family I get a little butterfly (lets face it, its a HUGE butterfly) in my stomach as I pass through Immigration inspection to get back into the States. Last time you made me stare at a lens and digitally took my fingerprints. I felt like a criminal. (and I never got a copy of the picture)

2. My Medical Insurance Company
I have decided not to name you for fear that you will cut my family off completely. Everytime I open one of your letters I tremble with fear that you will deny my claim. "Why is that?" you ask. Maybe its because you have denied 2 of my claims falsely and denied a very large claim using your sneaking and cunning "the Man" ways. (And don't tell me I need to read the Brochure more carefully. I am not an idiot. I read your stinking brochure). I know that in the end all our claims have been accepted but a loyal customer like ourselves should not have to call you and speak to your Customer Disservice Rep who treats like a child when really I'm right**.

3. My Landlords
You, my landlords, I will also not name publicly. I do not fear you but I just can't bring myself to "out" you. But recently you have been added to my list of "the Man". It has been almost 6 weeks since I called you about the ever growing mold in our basement and the positively vomitous scent that forces me to hold my breathe till I think I am going to pass out stench. You were so nice on the phone. You said you would send someone over. And I was so happy when just a few days later a worker man came and looked. I followed him down (usually I let them go about their business but I think I had a premonition). Your worker told me I should bleach it. ME!!! I told him he was crazy (or maybe I just thought the crazy part) and that that room needed to be torn down. Perhaps it was the gleam in my eye but he agreed. He left and I waited. I waited and waited and waited. Finally I called back and got the voice mail of the supervisor. I left a lovely message and sat and waited for her to get back. I waited and waited and waited but she did not call. I called back again and spoke with your front woman***. I spake with her 3 times in 4 weeks. She always said "let me call you back". She never did. I finally called my leasing agent. She was not happy and suprisingly it seemed that things were starting to happen. Contractors were supposedly called and appointments scheduled. And I waited and I waited and I waited. I called your front lady again. She put me on hold. She said you needed to get it inspected by an environmental company. I asked the name and then proceeded to call that company to find out when my appointment was. They hadn't heard of my property. "Front Lady, how do you sleep at night knowing you are lying to the mother of a 15 month old who is breathing mold?" I called my leasing agent again. She was getting a little upset with me and rightly so. A leasing agent is not supposed to deal with maintenance she is supposed to rent your properties. And so today your contractor finally came. I was so happy. I however was not happy to hear that he was called to spray down the room. TEAR IT DOWN!!! He agreed and I was also very happy to hear he had the power to summon a mover and shaker of "the Man". He ordered supplies. He booked appointments and he measured and he inspected. He left with more promises.

And so now I wait....

I sure hope that my list of "the Man" does not grow. I hope I have found you all. I say that I have lost faith but I'll be honest its still there. I still have faith that goodness is out there. But if you screw me over one more time I swear I will turn my husband and all his supersmart lawyer clan on you and you will wish that you had shown more good faith and good business.

*If you are BCIS people I am here legally on a K3 visa. Please don't come take me away.
** For future notice to all of "the Man"s, I am always right.
***Its usually always a woman. She makes comments such as "I understand", "I will call your supervisor", "We are working on it as we speak".


Heather said...

Totally with you on the health insurance thing. :) Why bother at all! I also come from a happy socialist land where you can go to the doctor if you need to. What an amazing concept!

Anonymous said...

So I should be glad I am living the "socialist" borderline "communist" country and never consider moving to the country that "the man" lives in?? I would be so toast with the health insurance thing. One day we shall all rise against "him/her". We should seek riches to destroy "the man".


Anonymous said...

I forgot the word "in" in my last entry...in the first line.

The Daring One said...

This is a great post. You rock. Down with the man!