Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Interactive Wednesday - FREE* Giveaway!

First off I must announce that Interactive Wednesday is my knockoff of Tip for Tuesday from Daring Young Mom. Good Idea and I wouldn't want anybody thinking I wanted full credit. (just partial)

Interactive Wednesday this week is a free giveaway. There is a great show created by the land of maple leafs and street hockey that has brought much joy to my life. I was saddened when I found out the major U.S. networks had not yet picked it up and went week by week slowly falling deeper and deeper into a Corner Gas withdrawal. Luckily my parents came to the rescue and taped a bunch of shows onto DVD. They also bought us 2 seasons. We now have duplicate episodes and its time to spread the Corner Gas love.

Corner Gas is a CTV program set in DogRiver Saskatchewan. Each episode is filled with the humourous and witty anecdotes of a small farming town although nobody really farms) brought to you by Brent the gas attendant owner, his parents, Hank the hangout guy, Lacey the diner owner and many more wonderful characters.

All you have to do to receive such a wonderful free gift is to write me a comment telling me why you want it. I will announce the winner by Noon on Thursday.

Disclaimer - By entering a comment you are placing yourself in the running and may or may not receive the above said DVD. There is only one DVD to giveaway.

* I LOVE FREE things. That being said this is truly a free giveaway. Free is free. There is no buy one get one free. You don't have to buy 5 collectible plates to receive your free gift. And you won't have to pay shipping and handling. Free is free.


MissMaverick said...


I can give you three good reasons why I want, nay, deserve this Interactive Wednesday prize...

1. When given a long weekend, an interested fellow-roadtripper, a nice car, and all of northeast America....where did I decide to visit? OTTAWA, that city of cities, that jewel of the north, capital of Canada and capital of my heart. Not only did I visit Ottawa, I attended church there, and I also stayed all night for the I LOVE CANADA display projected onto the side of the Parliament Building. AND I knew all the words to O CANADA at the end. And I sang. Loudly.
The only thing that can top that spectacle of Canadian love is owning my very own copy of Corner Gas.

2. I have a friend who always comes up with cooler stuff than me. I find Brittney Spears, he finds Christina Aguilara. I find Jack in the Box, he finds In-and-Out Burger. I find Tommy Boy, he finds Napolean Dynamite.
Recently, he found a cool TV show called Firefly by the guy who made Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I think C would probably like it), and this is my ONE CHANCE to find something cooler than him. Corner Gas totally trumps Firefly, but I think its the only thing that will. please help me, squishyone, you're my only hope!

3. I saw one or two episodes and laughed really hard. You do want me to keep laughing, don't you? (pg. 123 of the M.G.) :)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. I get to watch it every week, a few times a week in fact. But like all good things that are easy to get, I take for granted and it's been a couple of weeks since I've watched. So I'll just stand back and see who wins.

jess said...

Oh please oh please oh please oh please let it be me. My reasons:

1. I have always wished I were Canadian. Giving me the DVDs would help me take a step toward my lifelong dream.

2. Ever since I watched a couple of episodes of Corner Gas at your house, American TV has seemed pointless to me. Whatever show I am watching, I am constantly mentally comparing it to Corner Gas. I have spent many sleepless nights wishing that the Corner Gas DVDs would come into my life somehow.

3. Unlike many other potential commenters, I don't have cable. In fact, as you saw from the extremely poor quality of the Gilmore Girls tape I gave you, I barely have any capacity to get network TV. Thus, I must get the bulk of my entertainment from DVDs.

Amanda said...

I think you should pick me becuase as already established, the ster's and I share the same taste in shows. I can only assume that if you love this show, it will soon be one of my favorites (see Gilmore Girls and Lost).

I really want this show becuase not only do I love TV, but I especially love shows with small town characters such as Northen Exposure and Picket Fences. From all that I hear, Corner Gas has the potential to be my favoirte show of all time. Just give me the chance to give it a chance!

I want this show so I can delight in these characters. I want to give them the US audience they deserve. I can do this.

Thirdly, I will share. As the middle child, I am quite used to sharing and will happily let Jessica watch the show whenever she is not studying. I will also invite everyone over to watch it, while providing food and beverages.

gg (M's gg) said...

Did you say free? Nobody needs free like WE. Why, my buddy and I eat three-day-old bread and moldy cheese from the distribution center 'cause it's free. Free is where we live. Land of the ... well, you know. Not that we wouldn't love to live in O CANADA! We're trapped here with Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilara! What's our favorite direction? North!

Also, we need to learn more pop culture. Corner Gas we know only as an unidentified whiff we sometimes sense as we round a bend. Please help us be part of the 21st Century. We've lived so long in the previous one. And, we need an Rx for laughter, with no co-pay.

I'm not saying you should feel sorry for us, but if you do it would be okay. Wednesday only. Just so we receive the free gift. And if you decide we win Corner Gas, we'd appreciate it with closed captioning. Thanks!

The Daring One said...

I believe I have no chance of winning but I wanted to let you know that next week's tip day tuesday is going to include a "who wants my stuff?" giveaway portion. I promise I thought of it a while ago and am not trying to be a stealer or a hater or anything like that. Good luck to all contestants.

Cster said...

You should give them to me since they are mine and you didnt ask if you could give them away. why you always trying to take my stuff.

Squishy Burrito said...

Fear not competitors, I can give it away. I could have thrown it away and Cster wouldn't have noticed.

PS - I thouroughly enjoyed your slang talk. The boy scouts would be proud.

Squishy Burrito said...

thouroughly...thuroughly...thoroughly...those don't look right. ok, I REALLY enjoyed your slang talk.

Fishfrog said...

I saw the show once, at your house in fact (and the house was very well kept), and enjoyed it thoroughly. I was not even interrupted by a baby crying, because M is the sweetest, cutest baby I've ever encountered. Her parents must be the best parents EVER to raise such a sweet baby. Though, actually, I spend quite a bit of time with Cster, so M's mother must be that much greater to take up the slack (no offense, Cster, but free stuff is on the line). In conclusion, I used to play hockey, I love Canada, and M is a very cute, well behaved baby.

MILster said...

You have been witness to the side-splitting guffawing I do when watching this show. I love it! I have even requested that my USA library get copies in for me to watch (also being a lover of free stuff). They can't find it and won't do it. This DVD would have no better home where it is more greatly appreciated than at my house. And since the art of sucking-up has been introduced into this contest (see above comments) may I point out that I was the first to volunteer for poop duty later this year. As a veteran of poop (yes, even Msters) I should be the recipient. Thank you.

i think mav should win said...

its almost noon! oh my goodness, oh my goodness, how am I supposed to get any work done???

oh wait! blast--does the contest end at 12pm St. Louis time? blast.