Monday, October 31, 2005

My Attack Against "the Man" - the Saga Continues

For those of you familiar with my rantings on "the man" you will be interested to note that at 9AM this morning Mster and I were interrupted by a knock on our door by the contractor. Strange, thought I, since "the man" told me the environmental people were coming tomorrow and they were not allowed to do anything to the basement until testing was done. Hmmm...interesting. Yet, here was another man (not 'the man") claiming he was called to rip up our floor. I was flabbergasted What should I do?

1. I first called my neighbour. Her husband does shift work and so he might be home to come over and inspect the work. Rats he wasn't home.

2. Call the Cster. Cster said to call "the man" and let em' have it. Oh I really did not want to do this. I hate calling "the man". "The man" is never there and inevitably I get "the front woman". so I opted for...

3. Go downstairs and tell the workers to send their boss my way when they were done. Of course ma'am they said. And so Mster and I aborted our plans and hung out at home all morning. After awhile I realized I could not hear any noises downstairs. Surely they didn't finish and not come see me, thought I. I went down to investigate and the basement was...EMPTY!!!! There were however noticable signs that somebody had been there.

a) the randomly placed objects around my basement that were taken from the room.

b) the dehumidifier that was left down there, unplugged and nowhere near the now torn up room.

c) the torn up floor

d) the smell of mud

e) the remaining mud that they could not get off the floor and stairs.

f) a disposable coffee cup sitting on the table

This led me to believe I had no choice but goto option 2. Erg!!!

2...continued...Ring Ring Ring...How may I direct your call? moment...Hello, you have reached the voicemail box of "the front woman"...hang up.

Second try
Ring Ring Ring...How may I direct your call?, click, click...dial tone.

Third try
Ring Ring Ring...How may I direct your call? moment...
Hi this is "front woman"...hallelujah (not spoken) - hi this is the burrito calling from address about the mold in the basement

oh yes...well I'm calling because I don't understand how a man could come and tear out the floor when you told me that nothing could be done till the environmental guy came and that was supposed to be tomorrow

hold on for a sec, (I hold on much longer than a sec)

ma'am the environmental guy did come and everything is fine so we went ahead with tearing it down... (hmm, something seems fishy) when did he come?

this morning...well I never saw him and I didn't let him in

well he must have done his testing outside ma'am...why would he do his testing outside when the mold is on the basement floor?

hold on one sec - our guy let him in and they found nothing and so we went ahead... how did your guy let him in when you can only get in through the apartment and I didn't let him in?

our guy let him in ma' you don't understand I was here all morning nobody came in

he let him in the back...ugh!!!you can't get to the basement from the back

well they did and the testings done...fine. what about the basement. there's a dehumidifier and other things down there what am I supposed to do with them?

hold on a second ma'am - you don't do anything we will come back and doing stuff with it, (That was me doing the clicking).

What is going on? Am I crazy?


warm fuzzy said...

Wow. I think the front woman is just making stuff up becuase it sounds like they messed up big time and don't want you to catch on. When are they going to come back to put your basement back together?

The Daring One said...

These peoplr are nuts. Isn't there some gov't agency "the man" that you can call about the other "the man"?

nell said...

What jerks! Would you like me to beat them up for you?

mom on a wire said...

I don't like "the front woman." She is mean.

CANMom said...

Hold you breath! Sounds like "the man" is taking you for a circus ride. Any chance of just going down to their office and sitting on the "front woman" until she cries uncle and gets the work done. Or better yet, the Mster put her fingers up the front woman's nose. Better than yours.

Anonymous said...

You can call the local Health Department. Mold is an environmental problem and is theirs to deal with in an efficient manner. If it is not dealt with, the end result is them putting you in a hotel while they fumigate your home. I would call the local Health Department and file a formal complaint.