Friday, October 28, 2005

Grade 10 Social with Mr. T.

This post was inspired by Daring One's confession that she misses me in person. Aaah. I miss her too.

I met Daring One during Grade 10 Social (translate - junior year social studies) with Mr. T. I can't believe we only had 1 year together Daring One but oh what a year. Mr. T. was a great teacher. I really loved his class.

Reason #1:
Daring One was there (along with a few others one I will name, hair flipper). There was copious amount of note passing. Passing between each other. Passing for others in other classes. Passing for others in other schools. Just a stupid amount of notes. I wish I had kept them for our reading enjoyment. But a main topic of our notes within class is my Reason #2.

Reason #2:
Poor Mr. T. had a very large BO problem. He stunk. It was soooo bad. We trembled when he made his way over to our desks and when he leaned over to help us out with a problem all we could do was hold our breath and nod or shake our heads. I remember when he left the room once and a plan was devised. Somebody said they would bring in a glade freshener for the classroom the next day if somebody offered to distract him so she could plug it in. Because, when you have a stinky man in a room all day with 100's of other stinky highschoolers you have the rankest room possible.

Reason #3
The Alberta Education people devised a way to segregate classes by academic ability. If you just wanted to graduate highschool and didn't really care about college you took the "Subject" 13, 23, 33 route. If you wanted to go to college you took "Subject" 10, 20, 30. I don't know why the smarties got the lower number. Maybe its because they wanted the others to feel more important. Thing is unless you were obviously not going to college everybody took "Subject" 10. So our Social 10 class was filled with such an eclectic bunch of people ranging from ultimate geek to ultimate class clown. After the first year (10) a lot of people get weeded out and put in 23 instead of 20. I hope this makes sense. All of my 10 classes were pretty crazy. So much class chaos. But Social 10 was the best. Mr. T. was so easy going. Although I do remember a few red faces. (Daring One back me up)

So those are my reasons for loving Social 10.


The Daring One said...

AHHHH sweet memories! I had totally forgotten about that class but here, now standing in my kitchen I can actually smell that class room. I L-O-V-E-D that class. He was easy going but most of what I remember about Canadian history and gov't, I remember from that class. Thanks for this post. I have the worst memory ever and have blocked out most of High School, even though I actually liked it. Sadly, I still remember way too much of Junior High.

Squishy Burrito said...

I believe we may have another Mr. T.'s class reader. Cas, if you are who I think you are, you are not the hair flipper. And if you aren't who I think you are, the person who I think you are is not the hair flipper.