Saturday, March 16, 2013

Year of Dates - February

We definitely had our dates in February but just took a little time getting the pictures.

Mster and Cster went out to dinner to Red Robins and then went to the movies. She LOVED Wreck it Ralph. Apparently, the toilet humor is just enough to make a 8 yr old squeal with delight.

Kster and Cster had a marathon date. Kster was determined to play Wii Lego Star Wars that it took a lot of  convincing to have him change his mind. The two started out at an arcade type place, moved on to Five Guys and then headed to Grandma and Grandpas for a sleepover. The highlight of the whole date, I'm sure, is that Kster got to ride in his Dad's car. This is the most coveted activity in the family and I think if Cster offered to drive the kids around for an hour they would think that is the Awesomest. Idea. Ever!

LSter and I took off to go bowling. The games go surprisingly fast when there are just 2 people in a lane so after 2 games we moved to the little arcade area and did a little DDR, air hockey and duck punching.

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