Monday, March 18, 2013

Year of Dates - March

Can I just say I love this Christmas present idea. Its been so awesome to spend time with the kids and see their anticipation and excitement.

Mster and I kicked of our weekend of dates by heading to the House of Bounce. She saw how much fun Kster and I had and she decided to try it out.

Mster was determined to do EVERYTHING she could possibly do there. We spend a lot of time on this slide. What the picture doesn't show is that this is a very very tall slide we probably did it over a dozen times.  Kster was too scared to try it out so I didn't have to climb the crazy steps but I did it and loved it.

This is a velcro sticky wall. Its not so sticky. But she still loved jumping and sticking and slowly peeling off.

Here is us at the bottom of the really big slide.

I guess even the 8 yr old needed a little break. She headed over to where all the toys for sale were to check them out but got stung by a stealth wasp. This is her texting Cster to tell him all about the pain and anguish.

Kster and I headed out the next day to go play some Glogolf. Kster's done it before but couldn't remember a thing. He was a little peeved that we weren't going to the bounce house (especially when he saw the pictures of Mster the night before) but as soon as we got there he was in golfing heaven.

He proudly posed for this shot. He was still going at this point. We were on our second round of 18 holes.

Kster was most excited about checking out the hole before hitting the ball to make sure it was a real hole and not a fake one that would take his ball to some other location.

After Glogolf we headed to the Food Court and got Kster one of his favorite things in the whole world. !!!!TREATS!!!!

After we headed home, Cster and Lster headed of to Chuck E. Cheeses to play some arcade games. They were a little disappointed in the lack of actual video games but Lster seemed over the moon excited by the obtaining of tickets and the prizes to be found. I love that he came home and shared all his candy prizes with his brother and sister. 

Lster and Cster then headed off for some sushi. Lster loves to eat fish and Cster is always looking to eat sushi so it seemed a match made in date heaven. Other than the fact that Lster hates avocado he downed a ton of sushi.

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