Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When you gotta go...

Life's a little stressful around here. We think the Lster is teething again and sadly he just can't take it like a man. Teething for Lster involves lots of screaming, lots of neediness and lots of frustration on all family members. If you think that pacifiers muffle the screams you would be sadly mistaken because one of Lster's favorite things to scream for is a pacifier. Regardless of whether he has one in his mouth or not, he will scream bloody murder until he gets it and then give a snort of glee at the ability to hold a pacifier in one hand and munch on the other in his mouth.

I was trying to make dinner last night which was a feat in itself as Lster doesn't like to be put down at all while he's teething. Not put down for anything and I must be walking. I can't sit and hold him or sit and rock him. I must stand and pace the house while holding him. But I digress. While cooking dinner (holding Lster), Mster runs into the room performing the classic "pee pee dance". This involves holding oneself while dancing around spastically and yelling pee pee. I told her to go to the bathroom not 15 feet away from the dance but she adament that she HAD to go outside like the animals do. Needless to say I marched her 15 feet away from the front door into our indoor bathroom to go like a 3 year old.

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