Friday, November 09, 2007


Mster's on a playdate as I type. Her friend is over and I am amazed at their play ideas. I just turned around to find the friend taking off her pants and underwear.

Me: Woh...what's going on. Lets keep the clothes on.
Friend and Mster: We're going potty.
Me: huh?
Me: you mean pretend potty, right?
Friend and Mster: yep
Me: (phew)
Mster: Its your turn (to friend as she hopes off the kids table that they are calling their potty)
Friend: Its your turn now (After she does on for 10 seconds)
Friend: are you done yet (after Msters been on for more than a minute)

Other games played

Princess and Prince
Mster: How are you Prince?
Friend: No I'm the Princess
Mster: Uhhhhh...I'm the Princess
Mster:...How are you Princess?

Mster: hahahahahahaha
Friend: Pull up your pants...I can see your booty
Mster: hahahahahahaha

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