Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Moving and Death`

We've moved. I've been sans internet for almost 2 weeks but I survived. And now, after a lovely visit from 2 burly internet guys who waved their magic cyberspace wands, I'm connected. Expect more posts. Maybe.

Mster is FASCINATED with death and killing. She's constantly talking about killing things and about death.

Mster: Mom, do you want me to die?

Mster: Where did Jesus go?
Me: He died. He's in Heaven with Heavenly Father?
Mster: How did he die?
Me: (ugh)...some bad guys killed him
Mster: Are some bad guys going to kill us?
Me: Probably not. That doesn't happen very often. We'll probably die cause we get sick. Not cold sick but old sick. When you get really old, your body gets sick and you die.
Mster: Is Aunt N* going to die soon cause she's really old?

*Aunt N just turned 50 (and not in the least bit old or sick) :)


Aunty L also not old or sick said...

I know you're levelheaded enough not to need to hear this, but nonetheless; this is totally normal. My colleague at work was telling me last year all about her son who was fascinated with death, dying, and the macabre. And he was just over 3 at that point too, I believe.

Still....its a little disconcerting to hear it out of that cute little face, right?

rglhm said...

That's funny! Good ole M. welcome back to the world. 2 weeks without internet would be tough!
Mille talks about people who have died all the time. she started telling everyone my grandpa died a few weeks ago when he really died 28 years ago. she also thinks that those who have died will get better an be alive.

warm fuzzy said...

That's funny. On a more serious note, my friend who works with young children recommends this book when you have to deal with the subject of death with children. It's called The Dead Bird, by Margaret Wise Brown.