Friday, October 26, 2007

Fall Festival Extravaganza

Our church is having a Fall Festival (aka Halloween party, I have no idea why its called that) tonight and Mster is so beyond excited that I think she might explode in anticipation. She was all set to be a princess. She HAD to be a princess but after I procrastinated buying her a costume I soon realized that the princess costumes that were left SUCKED!!! And I refused to spend 23.50 (w/o tax) for them. Luckily, much to Msters wildest dreams, Mster found a MUST HAVE butterfly/fairy accessories. We've got wings. We've got a head band. We've got a wand and most importantly we've got face glitter. I may just have to post pictures of this.

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warm fuzzy said...

Yes! post a picture.