Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Year of Dates - May

These dates are a little late in getting updated as I'm was waiting for the pics from Cster. Even if we posted them in July, we still did the dates in May.

The thing about our year of dates is that the kids see what each other are doing with us and then they want to do it too. So off me and Mster went to go rock climbing and we had a blast. 

She made it to the top!

On our way to the gym is a new miniature golf course. Kster talked about it all the time. So we went and had a blast. Kster was very good at getting the golf ball into the air, and onto other holes. That boy's got a wicked swing. 

Kster does a very good monster impression.

And we had to go for some yogurt after.

Kster got a pretty good shot.

Lster and Cster had a good time glow-golfing. Picture to come...eventually. :) 

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