Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Year of Dates - June

Mster is the master planner. She plans big ideas all the time. She currently has a plan to start her own business wherein she will cook you dinner and deliver it to your house. She's still sorting out some of the details. One of her great ideas was to invite every girl she knew from age 6 to 12 to our house to make cookies and deliver them. We decided to scale it down a bit and have her invite 2 friends and have it be part of her date with Cster. 

This is them making cookie tags.

Lster and I went to Manitou Springs to check out the Penny Arcade. Its not truly a penny arcade but the machines cost the same amount as they did when they first came out. So there are pinball machines for a dime and if you want to see a little bear dance through a small hole it will cost you a penny. There are little kid rides and there are games with tickets. Games with tickets are every kids crack. At least they are my kids crack. Must get more tickets. 

Before we discovered the ticket games Lster went for a ride.

What better way to spend your tickets than on candy also known as the other crack.

Super fun time.

And we saw a deer driving home. 

Kster and Cster went to dinner and a movie Much candy was eaten and a whole 40 minutes of the movie was watched before Lster deemed it too loud and asked to go home. No pictures were taken but still much fun occurred.

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Joanne Weiss said...

Way too much fun! How can I order some of those cookies Michelle?