Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Leftovers and What's on Sale

This plate of leftovers is to just prove that you can make yummy, healthy food, on a budget. Everything on this plate I purchased on sale.

1. Lettuce (green leaf lettuce) - $.49 a bunch

2. Peach Salsa - This was my last minute concoction tonight when at 4:55pm I realized I had no side prepared.

peaches - $.69/lb
roma tomatoes/tomatillos/jalapenos - all roughly $.50/lb
green onions - $.50/bunch
lime - $.06each
avocado - $.33each

3. Chicken - I got an amazing deal on chicken a few weeks ago and marinated it, then grilled a ton of it on Monday to use as dinner and then leftovers during the week.

So...grilled chicken, with peach salsa, salad, all made with leftovers and all made with grocery items (that were not processed) that I got on sale.

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