Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Times They Are A Changing

Mster is going to a charter school. She's in Kindergarten. I don't remember how I got to and from kindergarten but I do remember that for most of my school age life I either walked or took the school bus to school. Since Mster's school doesn't bus kids its up to the parents to pick up and drop off their kids. Carpooling is encouraged but I don't know anybody so we are flying solo.

I'm amazed at the organized chaos that is getting your child to and from school.

All children are given a number. The number is on a card that you need to bring when you come to pick up your child. You show them your card, they give you kid. Most days this is not a big deal. You drive up (sometimes I drive aways away and walk up and we walk back to the car) and wait in the car line as they put the kindergarteners into cars one by one. But on friday the school has early release so the whole school gets let out at the same time. The lineup to pick up your kid is blocks and blocks long. The same thing goes for dropping off your kid. I do not do the car line. We park close by and walk up and I can walk her right to her classroom. But if I did the car line I would be in a line blocks and blocks long. I would pull up right in front of the school and a teacher would get the kid out of the car and make sure they are walking inside the gate to the door to the building.

I seriously remember standing by myself waiting for the school bus.

the times they are a changing.


Ortensia Norton said...

That is really, really interesting. I have never heard of a school that has that much interest in getting kids in and out. They make us parents do all of it.
Hope things are well for the 5 of you!!

Amanda G. said...

It's like valet schooling. Weird.