Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things are getting better

We had a rough bit with Mster when Kster was born.

I finally realized why awhile ago and things are starting to get better. They aren't there yet but at least I recognize where her frustration is coming from.

Her frustration is coming from her precious 5 year old head that she was going to take care of the baby. So when Kster and I came home and she wasn't able to put clothes on him and change his diaper or be allowed to hold him without supervision or be allowed to take him up to her room to "play", she got frustrated.

Kster's older. There isn't a big black knob threatening to ooze until it randomnly falls off that we have to worry about. She can hold him with me sitting beside her now and not with me holding him also. She's figured out that she's the only one that can sing and jingle a very annoying toy at him that sometimes calms him down.

She's figuring out the big sister role just as we're figuring out everything else involved in having 3 kids.


Beth said...

My niece - who admittedly was 3 when her younger brother was born - had it in her head that older siblings took care of babies. Which, since she is the 6th of 7 kids, made a lot of sense. But she was not the first older sibling in line. Much headway was made with a doll that had some of the same gear as the baby - a matching sweater, a sling, a stroller, etc. She might be too old for that dodge, but it might help her to have something to look after?

Mavelous said...

that's sweet of m.

and wise of you to figure it out!