Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My Years Supply - Paper Towels

I've decided that for now I'm going to do a post per item. I'll tell you how many we have and how I got them and where I've put them. I think those are the main questions with regards to food/supply storage.

How much do I need?
Where do you get (insert product here)?
Where do you put it?

Paper Towels
I got 20 paper towel rolls at Target. They are Bounty Basic rolls. I figure that's just under 2 rolls a month and last year I bought a big package from Costco and we still have some of those left so this might even last us more. The paper towels cost me between free and .25$ each. Target has single rolls of paper towels on sale for $1. I used a 25 cent manufacturers coupon and a 50 cent Target coupon. The free ones are too complicated to try and write out but its the same concept of matching coupons. I've put the majority in my garage and a bunch in each bathroom closet so that I can be lazy and don't have to go hunting for a roll when I decide to wash mirrors. Oh and there is always a roll under the kitchen sink.

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