Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mster Musings

I deemed the last few days cleaning days for Mster and Lster. Lster is pretty good at cleaning (for the most part) but Mster hears "clean", "tidy", "put away" and immediately curls up in a ball and shakes and puts up her "cleaning is the hardest thing in the world" front. As you can imagine this made the last few days a joy.

It ended yesterday morning when I told Lster and Mster that they had to clean the basement (their toy area) by lunch or they couldn't go to a BBQ at the park later that day.

Mster would randomnly come upstairs and share special musings...

Mster: Mom I can't clean anymore. It makes me so sad.
Me: Oh really?
Mster: Yes. Cleaning makes me think of my cousins and they moved away and it makes me so sad so I can't clean anymore.
Me: How exactly does that make you think of your cousins?
Mster: Well...they LOVE to clean.

And if any of you believe that a family of kids ranging from 9-16 LOVES to clean you would probably be wrong. :)

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