Thursday, April 10, 2008

Super funny.

We've hit the boys and girls phase of Mster's life. The phase where its easier to play with girls than boys. The phase where other boys don't really want to play with her. The phase where she doesn't understand why all the boys around her just want to play x-men and kill each other. (more about 5 year olds playing x-men in another post). :)

So this made me laugh. A lot. I couldn't figure out how to get the video directly into my post nor did I really want to take the time to do so. :)

The blog is authored by a girl that I worked with as a missionary in DC area. Actually, she made me the missionary that I was able to become.


wyomissa said...

Love the video! The post I can definately relate to! Its all cars, trains, and sports here!

cheetah (aka rglhm) said...

oh my word! That is why I had one girl punch another girl in the stomach. And I thought cooties weren't real! SO FUNNY!