Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I'm scared of birds

This story reminds me of my previous experience with a bird at the zoo and my experience on friday at the zoo. I was attacked by a peacock. Big birds that roam free scare me. They petrify me. I took the kids to the zoo on friday and there was a peacock wandering around. Mster got excited and asked to check it out. I told her to go ahead and see it. Its difficult to describe in words where the bird was in relation to me but it was on a switchback just below us. I refused to get close but I really dont want my kids to adopt my phobias. Just as she was walking towards it (but not close to it at all) the peacock decided to jump or fly or whatever it can do right into my face. I screamed. EVERYBODY around me laughed and roared in amusement. I grabbed both kids and ran away (full sprint) to the next exhibit.

DUDE...What if the peacock had jumped at Mster and scratched up her face with its huge talons? We did not provoke this peacock. We did not get into its face. We didnt touch it. And I will continue to be phobia scared of peacocks and all other big roaming birds.

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permathreeseat said...

I find ostriches even creepier than peacocks. I think it's because ostriches are bigger than a person, and their necks aren't strong enough to hold up their heads properly, that when they charge at you, it looks like they could run you down. And all the while their heads are flapping back and forth on their long necks. It's awful.