Thursday, February 21, 2008


Yesterday I did not like my kids. I had a bad headache and they whined, cried, and screamed and fought all day long.

Today I like my kids. Today I can remember all the great things that they do and are that make me so happy to be their mom.

Today I love that Mster looks out for her younger brother and SCREAMS as loud as she can to tell me that he's put something in his mouth.

Today I loved that the kids took turns with their books instead of YELLING to have their book read with Lster slamming Mster's book shut everytime we tried to read it.

Today I love that my kids were happy to eat whatever I put in front of them instead of insisting that I find the hidden Valentine's treats. Lster has a sixth sense as to where all things sweet are hidden.

Today I love that Lster can show me his belly button, clap his hands, put his hands up in the air when you ask him how big he is, give kisses, give hugs, smile, laugh, sign, play games, get books, come to me when I call, get his own diapers and wipes, find everybody's shoes when we are going somewhere, yell at the garage door whenever we say the name "Daddy" and even say a few words (albeit it is just the first syllable)

Today I love that Mster is learning how to colour within the lines, write her numbers, sing songs she makes up, read stories to Lster (memorized stories), play pretend, give tight hugs, do her "homework".

Today I love that Mster is so inquisitive and asks questions about everything.

Yesterday was a different story.

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