Thursday, February 21, 2008

Questions, Questions, Questions!

Mster has this (somewhat annoying) habit of asking questions without thinking first or looking first.

Mster: Mom, is my MacNCheeze done - when I'm at the stove dumping in macaroni.

So yesterday in my fit of hating the world I told her she wasn't allowed to ask me any questions she already knew the answer too. If she could look and find the answer or think and come up with the answer she couldn't ask it. Anything to stop the insessant question asking.

Here's what immediately happened.

Mster: Mom, Can I ask a question I don't have the answer to?
Me: Okay
Mster: How long will it take for Lster to bite through all the cups in the house?

Immediately after that question...

Mster: Mom, Can I ask a another question I don't have the answer to?
Me: I guess
Mster: How long until I can use knives.

So that backfired...

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