Sunday, January 27, 2008

Who Knew?

This was the funniest post I've read in a while.

It was very timely for the Burrito household because just yesterday we had less than an hour till our company arrived and I had not yet showered and we realized that a not-so-lovely foul odor was coming from Mster. What else was there to do but have a quick combined shower. Of course Lster couldn't miss out on the fun so he ran around the room area (its all one big room (bedroom/bathroom) trying to find something he sould tear, break or put in his mouth while Mster and I were somewhat occupied.

At one point I had Mster prancing around the shower (with me in it) singing songs about rain and squealing with delight while trying to stop Lster from throwing my clothing into the shower as he so helpfully kept "handing" it to me. Nothing like getting your bra tossed into the shower while you are trying to not get bumped by a prancing 3 year old and attempting to catch a few drips of water so as to get somewhat clean for our company.

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