Friday, September 21, 2007

Take that you Witch!

Mster and I were playing witches this morning. Sadly, Mster couldn't find her magic wand so she kept having to borrow my pretend magic wand. Why she couldn't pretend herself up a wand I don't know. So we made up a spell to get the bad witch to go away. It goes...

"Witch...Witch...Witch (spinning your wand in big circles)...BE GONE!(pointing our wands in the witches direction)

Mster: Is the witch dead
Me: (trying not to be morbid or muster up issues of killing things) No, she just went away to another place.
Mster: Oh...let me get my sword...there now she's dead.
Me: Well, alright then.

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Scarlet Panda said...

HA! :)

These Mster stories totally make my day.