Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Word Definition and Expoloration

Word Definition by Mster

"Dragoner" - one who takes care of dragons

And Lster found his diaper today. (the diaper he was wearing) I remember the day that Mster found her diaper although she was entertained much longer than him.

And...Lster is sleep training. Slightly frustrating times in the Burrito household. With the chaos of our lives I just haven't been able to allot a time to truly train him. But with the in-laws out of town and the Burrito family flying solo for a few days, it was time. (also the fact that I've had a 5 hour stretch of sleep maybe 2-3 times since the big guy was born). So last night he finally slept through the night. 6pm to 5am with only a few squaks in the night. No real cries. Now, if only we can get him to sleep till 6am (he used to before) and he needs to master the naps. 1/2 hour naps just aren't good enough. Oh the crying. I feel so bad for him. I'm trying to remember that I did it with Mster and how it went. I wish I would have journalled the experience.

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RGLHM said...

journal for baby #3?

My sister-in-law just blogged about such topics and I thought of you. What an omen.