Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tofu and Recalls

1. I've always been a pretty trusting person but these days I just want to dump all the toys into the trash can and give my kids paperbags and socks to play with. Erg!!!!!

2. Lster loves tofu as much as Mster did (emphasis on 'did'). We are not a vegetarian family. And those that really know us can just stop laughing. :) In fact, we don't eat tofu ourselves but I find that it is the perfect food to give a baby who's learning to eat for themselves. Its pretty bland. Its easy to pick up. Its easy to swallow and it has protein in it. Tonight I gave some to Lster for the first time and he inhaled it. Mster picked up her piece (since she HAD to have what Lster was having), felt the squishy weirdness and didn't even try it.

3. Mster is really liking the 'funder"


Nell said...

I'm with Mster on this one... tofu is ikkie.

RGLHM said...

toy man felt so bad he took his life. So sad on all counts.