Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just when you think she gets the world

Me: Mster, Grandma said that she asked 2 girls at church if she could take them and us to the park when we move there.
Mster: (very excited) What are their names?
Me: I don't know. I'm sorry.
Mster: I know their names.
Me: Really, What are they?
Mster: Amy and the Kindergarden girl
Me: Huh
Mster: Do you know the Kindergarden girls name?
Me: No, Do you?
Mster: yes
Me: What is it?
Mster: the kindergarden girl (exasperated as if we've already gone through this already)
Me: Well, where does she live (trying to get a little more info to see who she's thinking of)
Mster: in the Hundred Acre Woods with the 3 bears.

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RGLHM said...

Would she like a GIANT Winnie The Pooh Bear for her B-day? I have one to share? I know you want it in your house.