Thursday, May 10, 2007

Congratulations Doo Doo...I think

A few weeks ago Mster informed me that Doo Doo had a baby in her tummy. I told Cster and he brought it up at dinner time.

Cster: So I hear Doo Doo has a baby in her tummy.
Mster: Uh Huh
Cster: When is it coming out?
Mster: In about a half of an hour. She's going to the hospital.
Cster: Wow. How is she going to get to the hospital?
Me: Maybe Bah Bah could take her.
Mster: No. She's going to take herself.

There have been no other mentions of Doo Doo's baby. So I'm not sure how it all went. Doo Doo has come with us to some outdoor activities so its nice to know she's up and able to do some stuff.

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RGLHM said...

so great! Saw pictures. They both are SOOO cute. Can't wait to see them this summer.