Sunday, July 16, 2006

The truth will set you free

I love this stage that Mster is in where she tells us everything. I have to admit it does get annoying when I have to hear a detailed play by play on absolutely everything that she does but its also nice to know that she wants to share. I also appreciate that she is not selective about what she shares, good or bad.

Here are some good ones of late:

1) I'm spitting
2) I'm down (after repeatedly being told she couldn't get down from the table)
3) I'm touching the barbecue
4) I have daddy's phone
5) I'm touching the computer

I know there will be a time when I am not so lucky in her revealing her misbehaviour.

On another note Mster has found her nipples. After every bath she looks in the mirror points to her chest with her two little fingers and yells "LOOK my have 2 nipples". I know she's doing it for a response and I have to admit I give her what she wants everytime. Who couldn't laugh at that?

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