Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bring on the 5 star food

Nikster has been fighting eating lately. Oftentimes she'll just yell at you while sitting in her chair. I know she's hungry but she won't eat.

Well last night we hit the jackpot of eating! Mster and Cster had their date (more info to come) and they cooked up a storm in the kitchen much to the delight of our baby foodie. She LOVED artichokes. She grabbed at the leaves and munched and munched away. We would take them away and she would lunge for the new leaf. The other surprise success was risotto. I've never seen a baby shovel food into her mouth so fast.

Guess I need to start expanding my cooking repertoire.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, fine taste runs in the family. I remember a little girl who loved vegetables more than anything, all vegetables, but especially brussel sprouts. Weird for a kid, so keep trying lots of things. Like Mother, like daughter. At least it is healthy eating. Who likes mush anyway, ha, ha, ha..