Monday, January 14, 2013

A Year of Dates - January

This past Christmas, Cster and I decided that we would not give toys as gifts.  Christmas morning the kids all opened their presents to find a binder full of 12 pages, sheet protected, that told them who whey were going on a date with, a place to write what fun things they did and a place to put a photo of their date.

The books kind of got tossed aside Christmas morning but not soon after they were talking about their dates.   When would we go? What would we do?

Kster and I were first. He was pretty upset. Why do I have to do something with JUST mom? Why isn't everyone coming with us? What? So confused. But I found this fun bouncy house place and the 2 of us had so much fun. They let the parents on everything but the velcro wall and so we climbed, slid and played. He could not stop smiling.

This was Ksters first play area. The cone blows air and the balls float for you to swing at them with the bat. This is the most perfect activity for my ball loving boy.

Our first attempt at having someone take our picture resulted in Kster being super shy and avoiding even looking at the person with our camera. 
(I borrowed my daughters hat and didn't realize how much it didn't fit.oops)

So we had to resort to taking the classic, how far away can I hold the camera away to take a pic of us both.

Date #2 was Cster and Lster. They discussed forever what they were going to do. Lster was unwaivering in his desire to play Wii Lego Star Wars. No dinner. No food. No treats. No going to the movies. 
Nothing but Wii. He loved every minute of saber fighting action. (And they did go to dinner too)

 Mster and I went out the next night and we decided to return to our roots and go ice skating. We were both very nervous but had SOO much fun. It didn't take long for her to race ahead of me and weave in and out of unsuspecting skaters. She's a natural. We talked about hot chocolate and I told her that I had never been to a skating rink without hot chocolate so we would just take a break and get a drink at the rink. Apparently hot chocolate is not so prevalent in Yankee rinks so we stopped off at Panera for some hot chocolate and Mster even got a complimentary Valentine's cookie. She also said, "Mom, you know what is better than this hot chocolate? You. And this hot chocolate is goooooood!"

The kids are already talking about their next date. They are so excited and I'm so glad that we chose to do this for gifts.


Sarah said...

Love it! What a great idea, I have kind of done this with 2 of my girls who love to shop. I give them $50ish dollars to spend and an entire afternoon/day at the mall with a treat and just mom!

Saquel25 said...

I am glad you found House of Bounce. It's a great idea for one child. I only ever take mine in school holidays since taking all 4 is a little pricey.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely fantastic idea. The kids will remember their time with you for a lifetime. Some of my fondest memories are times spent fishing with my Dad and playing board games with my Mom at the lake. They will always cherish time spent with you.