Saturday, June 16, 2012

Homemade Popsicles

Out of fear that I will never actually post again if I try to wait for everything to be perfect here is a half blog post about homemade popsicles...

I've been so worried about the reaction of my 2 year old to our new addition to the family that I haven't spent a lot of time with our 5 year old. Yesterday I asked if he wanted to make popsicles with me and he JUMPED at the chance to help out.

Step 1. Get out Blender.
Step 2. Add yogurt (about 3/4 cup), cut up fruit, milk and/or juice
(I'm lazy and I just keep a container of orange concentrate in the freezer and had a few heaping tablespoons in the mix when I make it instead of trying to find juice in our house.
Step 3. turn on blender
Step 4. Prepare dixie cups into muffin tins.
Step 5. Pour into dixie cups (about 3/4 full)

Stop and take a picture

Step 6. Put a layer of aluminum foil on top of the dixie cups.
Step 7. with a knife, add slits into each dixie cup.
Step 8. Add Popsicle sticks (aluminum foil with slits will make sure that the sticks go in vertically and don't lean to the side and freeze that way.

Step 8. Freeze
Step 9. (And this is where we are a lacking a bit in the post) Eat. Popsicles come out of dixie cups really easy when they are run under water for a few seconds.

Our Pseudo Recipe
3/4 cup yogurt (plain or vanilla)
3 heaping tablespoons of orange juice concentrate
3/4 cup milk
bit o' vanilla (if using plain yogurt)

But you could use any mixture of fruit and yogurt...


If you are against the waste caused by throwing out a dixie cup and popsicle stick with every snack time, might I suggest you try these. I have a set at home and we love them.

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