Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I Can't Sleep

My kids are usually great sleepers but when they are sick they struggle and with their struggle comes my struggle. I thought we were finally back into the swing of unwakeful nights until Kster decided to wake up every 1/2 hour between 12:30 and 4AM.

There was no apparent reason for his risings. He had something new to say every time. He was thirsty. He was hungry. It was too dark (turned on a closet light). He didn't like the shirt he could see on the floor (turned off the closet light). It was too dark (turned on the closet light). He wanted to know where everybody was in our family. He wanted to talk about the smoke detector that was beeping earlier in the day. He just wanted somebody to talk to.

I could not fall back asleep after each adventure down the hall. Part of it was the howling wind that I thought might rip the siding or roof off my house. Part of it was the fact that every time he yelled I had to get up and go see what was going on which involved a big procedure in getting off the bed and walking over there (I'm too big and pregnant) and part of it was that it was really dark and Cster and I have been watching the Walking Dead series. I know there are no zombies in my house but I'm not necessarily rational at 2AM. I really really didn't want to meet a zombie on the way to his room.

My saving grace this morning was a glorious text from the school district that school was cancelled and I could let the little guy sleep in and I could lie in bed for much much longer than I normally would on a Tuesday school day.

Hopefully tonight will be better...

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