Saturday, October 08, 2011

How to host a Super Hero Training Camp

Super Hero Training Camp starts with a boy who is going to have a 5th birthday party and loves superheros.

Invitations were homemade (by Lster) and told the guests that Lster thought they would be awesome superheros and should come to his superhero training camp to better their skills.

When superhero trainees arrived they were checked at the door to make sure no unauthorized superheros entered. They were then directed to the table to color some pictures while we waited for everyone to arrive.

Once we had all the guests we gathered in the living room to learn a bit about our training camp. Here guests got their masks, capes and an intro to our training activities.

1st Activity: An obstacle course.

2nd Activity: Save the Baby - I had Mster and her friend call me on my cell phone. I put it on speaker and they told the trainees that they had kidnapped a baby and if the superheros didn't find it, they wouldn't be real super heros. (this was a hit so we hid the baby more than once)

3rd Activity: Once we had sufficiently caught the babies and had captured the villains we had to tie them up.

4th Activity - Evading Kryptonite (hot potato with glow sticks)

And it was time for Cake and Presents

I made a super lame cake that all the kids thought was super awesome. It just goes to show that it doesn't take much to impress 5 yr olds.

Then we had an awards ceremony. During presents time I had my helpers come up with something great that each trainee had done and so we called everybody up by name and gave them a medal (sugar cookie) and told them something special they did.

With 15 minutes left (of a 2 hr party), I sent the kids to the basement to pretend play with their capes and masks. I also gave everyone their own glow sticks. (mama was tired) 

Party was a success.

After the party, capes and masks were worn for most of the night.


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Super heroes in a super family. Seemed like tons of fun :-)

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