Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Life as an Open Book

I've been contimplating reentering the blogging world for over the past few months. The problem is that I always kept coming up with ideas for what I would blog about. Like, I'm super into healthy eating and I was thinking about writing a blog about healthy food. But...I'm also super into not spending too much on stuff, so I thought about writing a blog about being thrifty. I've also set some new goals for my life so I thought I could use the blog to help with the goals. And it seems my kids are always saying these amazing snippets of random hilarity or wisdom that I never track (if you don't count texting my husband, daily).

So I've decided that instead of a themed blog of one of my interests, I would bring back the blog about me. Squishy! (Sadly a little more squishy than I'd like). I'm going to change the layout, change the content, and hopefully blog often. The posts may be short as my life seems to run in 10 minute sprint, but there will be posts.

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sarah said...

glad you are back!