Monday, September 27, 2010

My Day

I'm writing this post for my own record. So when my kids are grown and I look back and wonder what I did with myself, I'll know.

6AM - awake with Lster, read books
6:15 - Mster wakes up, continue to read but add in a game they are making with the reading
6:30 - Kster wakes up, nurse
6:40-7:15 - feed all three breakfast, empty dishwasher, make Msters lunch, make dough for bread, clean kitchen
7:15- Family scriptures
7:20 - get Kster and I dressed
7:25 - get kids in car to take Mster to school
7:26 - knock at the door from roofers who need me to move the cars
7:30 - leave to drive Mster to school
7:35 - watch kids play "sweet ol' tag" with Msters classmates while they wait for the doors to open
7:50 - eat breakfast, feed Kster a snack, put in a load of laundry, clean basement bedroom, teach Lster the new wii game, roll out dough for bread
9AM - put Kster down for a nap in basement bedroom because roofers are really really loud
9:15 - exercise
9:55 - shower
10:05 - forget to put bread in oven, race to get it in. finish getting ready, check email.
10:15 - get a snack for Lster and get him ready for swim lessons
10:30 - wake up Kster
10:35 - take bread out of oven (pray its done)
11:00 - swimming lessons for Lster, I walk with Kster who wants to practise walking all around the pool over and over again.
11:40 - 12:35 - help Lster after swimming, go pick up coupons, get home
12:35 - lunch, check email, get canning stuff together, switch laundry around
1:00 - go to friends house to can peaches (1st time for both of us)
2:55 - realize we are not going to finish before I have to pick up Mster from school, realize I need to clean my friends bathroom and change a certain boy of mine before we can get Mster from school.
3:00 - race home to make the change
3:10 - leave to pick up Mster
3:20 pick up Mster
3:30 - get kids a snack, bathe Kster and Lster, switch laundry around
4:00 - leave for Msters gymnastics
4:15-4:30 - participate in parent involvement portion of gymnastics (struggle with Kster who just wants to crawl all over the equipment)
4:30 - 5:00 - Costco trip
5:00-5:15 - back at gym, helping Lster with schoolwork, try and watch Mster, keep Kster away from the water fountain
5:30-6:00 - make and eat dinner, get Mster started on homework
6:00 - get tired of Kster screaming put him to bed (note: no afternoon nap)
6:20 - help Mster with homework, clean kitchen from dinner
6:45 - FHE, and bedtime for kids
7:00-bed - paperwork and some tv and folding 3 loads of laundry

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CValentine said...

Dang! You got you and Kian dressed in 5 minutes. It takes me forever to get Dillon dressed, and most days, I don't get dressed at all.