Friday, October 24, 2008

My own litte princess

If you think this was a post about Mster, you were wrong. That princess changed her mind yesterday and is going to be a pumpkin for halloween. She's very excited. We are very shocked.

Lster has been quite onery lately. With Cster gone for days on end, its getting old really fast. I was supposed to go run errands sans children this afternoon but Cster had to work later. So Lster woke up from his nap and we HAD to go. (halloween party's require candy) and he would not stop whining and crying. I finally said they could watch a show to try and calm him down quickly so we could go. He originally picked Thomas. Not 5 minutes in he got mad at Thomas and demanded we switch it to a princess movie.

Hurry up Cster.

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