Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why say words when you can just spell them out?

Lster has decided to jump that whole learning words part and decided to instead learn his letters. As documented earlier he's learned all the letters over the past few months but the past few weeks he's been working on saying all the letters. He can say all the letters in OBAMA. I have to admit its pretty cute.

Oh and he is getting a few more words they just aren't super clear.

"Oh-eel" - Oatmeal (the kids eat cold oatmeal in milk every morning by their request. I add nothing else to it and they often ask for seconds. And we have other cereal in the house)

"I wah" - I want

"Pee" - Please

"Mama" - Mama or Dad

"Meh" - Milk

And I'm trying hard to catch other ones too. I finally realized he's saying stuff this past week. Its just not super clear.