Sunday, June 01, 2008

Stupid ABC

Dear ABC executives:

I recently viewed a commercial for a new reality series to find a new cast member for High School Musical: Another Movie. I can not tell you the excitement I felt at this news. I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL (although I have to admit I did not LOVE #2) I think high school kids singing and dancing to the theme of unrequited love is the best thing ever. Yes, I do own both movies.

My excitement was shattered when after 30 seconds of pure advertising bliss you told me that it would be on Sunday nights. I don't watch TV on sunday nights. This is not a good thing. I mean that the show is on Sunday not that I don't watch tv on Sunday.

You may tell me that I can watch it later with limited commercial interuptions at but its not the same thing. I watched the entire season of The Big Give, got attached to it and it didn't get renewed, I think, in partial, to the fact that I watched it online and my viewership wasn't counted.

I don't want to watch it online. I want to watch it on our big 42 in. tv where I can fully experience HSM in HD glory. I don't want to hook up the computer to the big tv because then I have to remember to take it all apart again before the kids wake up and dance for glee at the thought of pulling every cord imaginable placed in front of them.

Come on...change it. You can pick any other night, come on.!!!!

Sincerely Squishy.

PS - I will accept free shipped dvd's of the show after each one is aired in lieu of moving the date.


Scarlet Panda said...

Can you videotape stuff that's on tv on Sunday? Of course, that wouldn't be in HD.

I'm with you on the online tv watching not being anywhere near the same.

Squishy Burrito said...

I have no issue with taping shows on Sunday. I just don't have the means to do so. We have a VHS recorder but its attached to a TV that I can't get to work. I could attach it to the big tv but that would bring back issues of cords lieing about just waiting for kids to pull down and electricute themselves. I've heard that's bad.