Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Concept of Pretend

I'm trying to teach Mster the concept of pretending. Its not really working but we're getting there slowly. She will pretend to eat pretend food and say its delicious.

However today she took my purse, put it over her shoulders and announced she was going to the hospital to see baby brother. I told her that sounded fun and I hoped she had a good time. She responded by asking me to open the front door.

She also cracked me up when she told Cster to tickle me. Once he started tickling me she ran over to an area of the room she isn't allowed to be in and started to get into things. I almost died laughing. When we stopped to ask her what she was doing she responded by looking at Cster and telling him to tickle me more. What a little sneak.

1 comment:

The Daring One said...

Oooo. You are in very so much trouble with that one. She's a genius.